The back catalog is progressively added to the website and is available for download at 0,99 euros per track.

Zombie Zombie – Slow Futur


VERCD032 : Zombie Zombie – Slow Futur 1 – Hyperespace 2 – Slow Futur 3 – Blue Screen 4 – Extra Life Original music of the Slow Futur show by Elsa Guérin and Martin Palisse, played and composed by Zombie Zombie (Cosmic Neman, Etienne Jaumet, Dr Schonberg), here presented separately from the show as...

The Explosion


The Explosion by The Explosion BUY VINYL / BUY DIGITAL / BUY CD VIDEO : The Explosion – Stratus Following the long tradition of those trying to lift spirits by the means of pure and bright sounds, there is The Explosion – a trio whose name reflects so accurately the radiant modus operandi as well...

Jonathan Fitoussi and Clemens Hourriere – Five Steps


Five Steps by Jonathan Fitoussi and Clemens Hourriere BUY VINYL / BUY  DIGITAL / STREAM “I recently bought bathroom fixtures for my new home. I chose a faucet that has two separate hot and cold knobs instead of a single knob. The new designs, which have only one handle for both hot and cold, do not seduce...

Etienne Jaumet – La Visite


La Visite LP by Etienne Jaumet BUY VINYL / BUY CD / BUY DIGITAL Since the release of “Night Music” in 2009, Etienne Jaumet has been a busy man. He’s been doing a lot of collabs (Joakim, Richard Pinhas, Francois & The Atlas Mountain) and released one album and a movie original soundtrack with his alter ego...

Various Artists – Vidal Benjamin presente Disco Sympathie


Vidal Benjamin presente Disco Sympathie LP by Various Artists BUY VINYL / BUY CD / BUY DIGITAL In november we are releasing the Disco Sympathie compilation. It’s author is Vidal Benjamin, an outstanding dj / digger, considered by his pals as one of the most brilliant in his category. And that says a lot! Here he makes...

Zombie Zombie – Loubia Hamra OST


Loubia Hamra OST by Zombie Zombie With Zombie Zombie‘s well known taste for movie soundtracks, it’s no surprise that the band had been chosen to compose the original soundtrack of Narimane Mari’s movie Loubia Hamra. BUY VINYL / BUY DIGITAL VER090 : Zombie Zombie – Loubia Hamra OST 1 – Complainte pour Marcienne 2 – La danse des...

Various Artists – Acid Arab Collections


Acid Arab Collections LP by Various Artists BUY CD / BUY DIGITAL “An unlikely but vital triumph.” 8/10 NME “An invigorating listening experience that’s genuinely like nothing else.” 4/5 Time Out London VERCD027 : Various Artists – Acid Arab Collections 1 – Rikslyd – Oriented 2 – Omar Souleyman – Shift Al Mani (Crackboy remix) 3 –...

Zombie Zombie – Rituels D’un Nouveau Monde

VERCD026 - Zombie Zombie - Rituels D'un Nouveau Monde

Rituels D'un Nouveau Monde LP by Zombie Zombie Thank God they didn’t wait as long as I:Cube to make their new album, it took only 4 years ! But now, it is ready. The new Zombie Zombie album is called Rituels D’un Nouveau Monde and will be released on October 22nd 2012. The band have been touring quite a lot, expanding their...

I:Cube – “M” Megamix

VERLP025 Artwork web 300px

"M" Megamix by I:Cube BUY DIGITAL CONTINUOUS MIX BUY 2 X 12′ VINYL LP VERCD025 : I:Cube – “M” Megamix LP 00:00 – Not Important 00:16 – Bajo Bajo 01:46 – Grotto 03:50 – Your Brain 06:55 – Transparent Sea Creatures 09:16 – Transpiration 13:02 – Zero Tastatur 14:33 – In Alpha 17:17 – Interludio...

Various Artists – Versatile 15 Ans

versatile_15_artwork 300px

Versatile celebrates in 2011 its 15th anniversary. The record label founded by Gilbert Cohen aka Gilb’R quickly became one of the most endearing label in the French electro / indie scene. Versatile 15 Ans by Various Artists On this occasion, Versatile decides to release a compilation, which, like a teenager, contemplates the golden age...

Aladdin – We Were Strong, So We Got Lost

Aladdin LP cover 300px

We Were Strong, So We Got Lost LP by Aladdin Aladdin is the psychedelic electro-rock project from producer, DJ and Versatile label boss Gilb’R and Poni Hoax singer Nicolas Ker. “We Were Strong, So We Got Lost” is their first album BUY CD / BUY DIGITAL VERCD024 : Aladdin – We Were Strong So We...

The Big Crunch Theory – 1992

TBCT_cover 300px

1992 LP by The Big Crunch Theory BUY CD / BUY DIGITAL In physical cosmology, the Big Crunch is one possible scenario for the ultimate fate of the universe, in which the metric expansion of space eventually reverses and the universe recolapses, ultimately ending as a black hole singularity. The Big Crunch Theory is also...

Zombie Zombie Plays John Carpenter


Plays John Carpenter LP by Zombie Zombie “A tribute and a celebration of John Carpenter early music work, true to the source material yet without fear of expanding upon motifs and even slipping a little funk into proceedings… Zombie Zombie‘s Plays John Carpenter is a cracking little set that will appeal instantly to film...

Etienne Jaumet – Night Music


Night Music LP by Etienne Jaumet With help from Detroit techno godfather Carl Craig, former Zombie Zombie member Etienne Jaumet creates a haunted, sinister take on electronic music. BUY CD / BUY DIGITAL VERCD021 : Etienne Jaumet – Night Music 1 – For Falling Asleep 2 – Mental Vortex 3 – Entropy 4 –...

Joakim – Milky Ways


Milky Ways LP by Joakim BUY CD / BUY DIGITAL VERCD022 : Joakim – Milky Way 01 – Back To Wilderness 02 – Ad Me 03 – Fly Like An Apple 04 – Spiders 05 – Glossy Papers 06 – Medusa 07 – Love & Romance & A Special Person 08 – King Kong Is Dead 09 – Travel In Vain 10 – Little Girl...

Various Artists – Versatile 2008


Versatile 2008 LP by Various Artists BUY CD / BUY DIGITAL VERCD020 : Various Artists – Versatile 2008 01 – Quixote – Before I Started To Dance 02 – I:Cube – Supernovac (Live At The Lanchonete Version) 03 – Poni Hoax – Antibodies (Chateau Flight Remix) 04 – Joakim & The Disco – Love & Romance & A Special...

Zombie Zombie – A Land For Renegades


A Land For Renegades LP by Zombie Zombie BUY CD / BUY DIGITAL VERCD019 : Zombie Zombie – A Land For Renegades 01 – Driving This Road Until Death Sets You Free 02 – I’m Afraid Of What’s There 03 – A Land For Renegades 04 – Interlude 05 – What’s Happening In The City?...

Joakim – Monsters & Silly Songs


Monsters & Silly Songs LP by Joakim BUY VINYL / BUY CD / BUY DIGITAL VERCD018 : Joakim – Monsters & Silly Songs 01 – Monster #1 02 – Sleep In Hollow Tree 03 – I Wish You Were Gone 04 – Three Legged Lantern 05 – Monster #2 06 – Lonely Hearts 07 – Peter Pan Over The Bronx 08 – Rocket...

Chateau Flight – Les Vampires OST


Les Vampires OST by Chateau Flight BUY CD / BUY DIGITAL VERCD017 : Chateau Flight – Les Vampires OST 1 – Untitled 2 – Untitled 3 – Untitled 4 – Untitled 5 – Untitled 6 – Untitled 7 – Untitled 8 – Untitled LISTEN & BUY THE ALBUM

I:Cube – Live At The Planetarium


Live At The Planetarium LP by I:Cube BUY CD / BUY DIGITAL VERCD016 : I:Cube – Live At The Planetarium 1 – Untitled 2 – Untitled 3 – Untitled 4 – Untitled 5 – Untitled 6 – Untitled 7 – Untitled 8 – Untitled LISTEN & BUY THE ALBUM