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Various Artists – Vidal Benjamin presente Disco Sympathie


Vidal Benjamin presente Disco Sympathie LP by Various Artists BUY VINYL / BUY CD / BUY DIGITAL In november we are releasing the Disco Sympathie compilation. It’s author is Vidal Benjamin, an outstanding dj / digger, considered by his pals as one of the most brilliant in his category. And that says a lot! Here he makes...

Bufiman – Running EP


Running EP by Bufiman BUY VINYL / BUY DIGITAL Jan Schulte is a producer from Dusseldorf, and also on of the recurring DJ from the crazy local club Le Salon Des Amateurs. The multifaceted producer is releasing records as Wolf Muller or Bufiman. It’s this moniker he choose for his “Runnin EP” on Versatile. With the...

Vidal Benjamin presente Disco Sympathie 7′ Limited Edith Sampler EP


Vidal Benjamin presente Disco Sympathie 7′ Limited Edith Sampler EP by Various Artists BUY VINYL / BUY DIGITAL This is the limited edition 7′ of Vidal Benjamin presente Disco Sympathie Edith Sampler  where you’ll find no-one less than Jeff Lasson, of the Get A Room! duo, who came through with flying colors. And as a bonus beat: obscure...

Vidal Benjamin presente Disco Sympathie 12′ Edith Sampler EP


Vidal Benjamin presente Disco Sympathie 12' Edith Sampler EP by Various Artists BUY VINYL / BUY DIGITAL This october, the compilation Disco Sympathie will be released on Versatile. It’s author is Vidal Benjamin, an outstanding dj / digger, considered by his pals as one of the most brilliant in his category. And that says a lot!...

Gilb’R & DJ Sotofett – Cobra EP


Cobra EP by Gilb’R & DJ Sotofett After the success of their first EP, Gilb’R and Dj Sotofett joined forces again for an impromptu jam in the Versatile Studio. While one was recording, the other arranged it on the fly, creating the impression of a live band playing : the result ? Two track...

Chateau Flight – Classic 003 EP


Classic 003 EP by Chateau Flight BUY VINYL / BUY DIGITAL For this Versatile Classic we have chosen to re-release the old songs, released by other labels which have been long out of stock. Pergola was released on the Italian label Neroli in 2001, as a tribute to Milan’s club Pergola, while Rise and Fall...

Chateau Flight + Cabaret Contemporain = Terry Riley Cover EP


Terry Riley Cover EP by Chateau Flight + Le Cabaret Contemoprain When Chateau Flight was approached to participate to this live project of covers of Terry Riley, together with the Cabaret Contemporain, they immediatly said yes. It was the occasion to play great music from a major influence of them, and also to play...

Zombie Zombie – Loubia Hamra OST


Loubia Hamra OST by Zombie Zombie With Zombie Zombie‘s well known taste for movie soundtracks, it’s no surprise that the band had been chosen to compose the original soundtrack of Narimane Mari’s movie Loubia Hamra. BUY VINYL / BUY DIGITAL VER090 : Zombie Zombie – Loubia Hamra OST 1 – Complainte pour Marcienne 2 – La danse des...

I:Cube – Cubo Rhythm Trax EP (incl Pilooski edit)


Cubo Rhythm Trax EP by I:Cube As a tribute to the cult Jive Rhythm Trax, here’s the new I:Cube 12″ : Cubo Rhythm Trax. Includes an edit of Makossa Suspens (from “M” Megamix LP) by Pilooski. BUY VINYL / BUY DIGITAL VER089 : I:Cube – Cubo Rhythm Trax 1 – 123 BPM 2 – 118 BPM 3 – Makossa Suspens...

Society Of Silence – To The Maggot EP


To The Maggot EP by Society Of Silence Following their first EP, Society Of Silence is back with the second part of their deep trip into dub techno. Three new tracks pushing their exploration further into the darkest side of techno. But without forgetting and omnipresent psychedelia… BUY VINYL / BUY DIGITAL VER088 : Society Of...

Richard Pinhas / Etienne Jaumet – Vents Solaires EP


Vents Solaires EP by Richard Pinhas / Etienne Jaumet “An epic odyssey, a space travel, orchestrated in two part by 70’s French electronic underground legend Richard Pinhas and his spiritual son Etienne Jaumet, who’s dream to record with one of his heroes has finally come true. The two met at a series of concerts...

Various Artists – Acid Arab Collections


Acid Arab Collections LP by Various Artists BUY CD / BUY DIGITAL “An unlikely but vital triumph.” 8/10 NME “An invigorating listening experience that’s genuinely like nothing else.” 4/5 Time Out London VERCD027 : Various Artists – Acid Arab Collections 1 – Rikslyd – Oriented 2 – Omar Souleyman – Shift Al Mani (Crackboy remix) 3 –...

DJ Gilb’R & DJ Sotofett – Concrete Guajiro / Foliage EP


Concrete Guajiro / Foliage EP by DJ Gilb’R & DJ Sotofett “We have booked DJ Sotofett a few months ago for a Versatile Party at Rex Club in Paris. He decided to stay a bit more to work with me in studio. So here’s the result… First, we have jammed at the Versatile Studio,...

Various Artists – Acid Arab Collections EP02


Acid Arab Collections EP02 by Various Artists BUY VINYL / BUY DIGITAL The acid Arabic wind has not finished blowing. After the warm welcome of our ‘Collections’ EP01, Versatile proudly present four new tracks for eclectic and demanding dance rooms. Once again, Guido, Hervé & Sex Schön from Acid Arab deliver one track and have asked...

Society Of Silence – Unijambist EP


Unijambist EP by Society Of Silence ” I would like to introduce some new people on Versatile. They are called Society Of Silence. This combo from Paris is formed by the Poni Hoax guitarist (yes!) Nicolas Villebrun and his mate Benoit Legrain. They’ve been sending me tracks for quite a while now and in...

Various Artists – Acid Arab Collections EP01


Acid Arab Collections EP01 by Various Artists BUY VINYL / BUY DIGITAL Acid Arab is a duet from Paris whose goal is to mix all kind of Eastern music (North Africa, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey or… Mumbai) with electronic sounds, from pioneering acid house to today’s powerful techno. Guido Minisky and Hervé Carvalho, both djs...

Ark – Street House EP (incl Pit Spector remix)


Street House EP by Ark We’ve been waiting  a release on Versatile  from our long time friend Ark. It’s now done with this “Street House EP“, an ode to B-Boy house. Emba Anthem, with its samples from a cult west coast 90’s hip hop band, and the bewitching Nuark, which mixes deepness, sensuality and...

Zombie Zombie – The Beach / Illuminations Rmx EP


The Beach / Illuminations Rmx EP by Zombie Zombie BUY 7′ VINYL / BUY DIGITAL VER081 : Zombie Zombie – The Beach EP 1 – The Beach 2 – lluminations (DJ Sotofett’s 7inch Mix) / 7″ vinyl exclusive LISTEN & BUY THE EP

Zombie Zombie – Illuminations EP (incl Discodeine & Dj Sotofett remixes)


Illuminations EP by Zombie Zombie Here is the second excerpt of the Zombie Zombie new LP “Rituels d’un Nouveau Monde“. In addition of the original mix, we asked a few friends to take care of the remixes. Dj Sotofett, the man behind the great Sex Tags Mania label, delivers 14 mn of pleasure, in...

Zombie Zombie – Rituels D’un Nouveau Monde

VERCD026 - Zombie Zombie - Rituels D'un Nouveau Monde

Rituels D'un Nouveau Monde LP by Zombie Zombie Thank God they didn’t wait as long as I:Cube to make their new album, it took only 4 years ! But now, it is ready. The new Zombie Zombie album is called Rituels D’un Nouveau Monde and will be released on October 22nd 2012. The band have been touring quite a lot, expanding their...