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Chateau Flight – Versatile Classics EP


Versatile Classics by Chateau Flight Back on wax ! Following the remix EP of Cheek by Venus, Versatile unveils the second volume of the Versatile Classics series, this time with two classic tracks from Chateau Flight that haven’t been cut on vinyl for some time… BUY VINYL / BUY DIGITAL VERCLASSIC002 : Chateau Flight...

Chateau Flight – Kounka EP (incl Steve Moore remixes)


Kounka EP by Chateau Flight Here is the new Chateau Flight track, called Kounka. Afro? Techno? Jungle House? A trippy journey thru sound fx, sub bass,and dirty snares. Already supported by Dixon, Trevor Jackson & Ame among others… For the remix job we asked Steve Moore (half of Zombi, producer of several 12″ on...

Zombie Zombie – Rocket Number 9 EP (incl Gesaffelstein & Joakim remixes)

VER079_packshot2 300px

Rocket Number 9 EP by Zombie Zombie Thank God they didn’t wait as long as I:Cube to make their new album, it took only 4 years ! But now, it is ready. The new Zombie Zombie album, Rituals, will be released early October. The band have been touring quite a lot, expanding their killer...

I:Cube – In Alpha EP

VER077 cover 300px

In Alpha EP by I:Cube Following the Lucifer En discotheque EP and, of course, the super hot “M” Megamix album, I:Cube delivers a new EP including longer dj friendly 12 inch versions of “Y.O.U.R.O.C.K“, “Popular Electronics” and “In Alpha“, all taken from his new album. Expect some more cubismatic brillance ! BUY VINYL / BUY...

I:Cube – “M” Megamix

VERLP025 Artwork web 300px

"M" Megamix by I:Cube BUY DIGITAL CONTINUOUS MIX BUY 2 X 12′ VINYL LP VERCD025 : I:Cube – “M” Megamix LP 00:00 – Not Important 00:16 – Bajo Bajo 01:46 – Grotto 03:50 – Your Brain 06:55 – Transparent Sea Creatures 09:16 – Transpiration 13:02 – Zero Tastatur 14:33 – In Alpha 17:17 – Interludio...

I:Cube – Lucifer En Discotheque EP


Lucifer En Discotheque EP by I:Cube BUY VINYL / BUY DIGITAL In a recent interview, I:Cube mentioned how difficult it is to finish an album. He finally triumphed over the chimera and delivered a new EP – Lucifer en Discothèque – as a prelude to his forthcoming album “M” Megamix (he must have fought...

Various Artists – Versatile 15 Ans

versatile_15_artwork 300px

Versatile celebrates in 2011 its 15th anniversary. The record label founded by Gilbert Cohen aka Gilb’R quickly became one of the most endearing label in the French electro / indie scene. Versatile 15 Ans by Various Artists On this occasion, Versatile decides to release a compilation, which, like a teenager, contemplates the golden age...

Etienne Jaumet – Satori EP (incl Jon Convex remix)


Satori EP by Etienne Jaumet Having finished recording the new Zombie Zombie album (out : april 2012), Etienne Jaumet leaves temporarily the duo to record a solo piece, as a need to find oneself again … If the word Satori means spiritual awakening, the title track that offers Etienne seems to describe the way...

Roots Panorama – Threee EP


Threee EP by Roots Panorama Deetron and Ripperton have teamed up under their newly created Roots Panorama moniker for a release on the French label, Versatile Records. The amazing “Threee EP” blurs the lines between Disco, House and Techno… Both producers delivers their own vision of the track, between deep house / disco for...

Aladdin – The Sun Is On Fire EP (incl I:Cube, Bot’Ox & Gilb’R remixes)

VER073 artwork 300px

The Sun Is On Fire EP by Versatile Records Aladdin is Gilb’R and Nicolas Ker (singer of Poni Hoax). To follow their 1st album “We Were Strong, So We Got Lost“, Versatile will release their first single “The Sun Is On Fire EP“. “The Sun Is On Fire” shows how Gilb’R, from Chateau Flight...

Aladdin – We Were Strong, So We Got Lost

Aladdin LP cover 300px

We Were Strong, So We Got Lost LP by Aladdin Aladdin is the psychedelic electro-rock project from producer, DJ and Versatile label boss Gilb’R and Poni Hoax singer Nicolas Ker. “We Were Strong, So We Got Lost” is their first album BUY CD / BUY DIGITAL VERCD024 : Aladdin – We Were Strong So We...

Argy – Daze To Come EP


Daze To Come EP by Versatile Records Following his recent remix for The Big Crunch Theory, Versatile hosts now the new Argy EP “Daze To Come” ! Just before the release of his albums on Permanent Vacation and Ibadan Records the producer presents a record based mainly on sampling on one of his favorite...

The Big Crunch Theory – Arrows EP (incl Juan McLean & Argy remixes)

Arrows EP 300px

Arrows EP by The Big Crunch Theory BUY VINYL / BUY DIGITAL Arrows is an irresistible and delicious sing-a-long pop song by Lisa Li-Lund new Gilb’R produced project The Big Crunch Theory. It was recorded with Bertrand Burgalat on the bass.  But Versatile DNA is dance music… No way to release an EP without...

Chateau Flight – Chichi Devils EP


Chichi Devils EP by Chateau Flight BUY VINYL / BUY DIGITAL Back To Basics. Overused expression but hard to find anything better to talk about “Chichi  Devils”,  new track from Chateau Flight on Versatile…  A song that expresses a real desire of the duo to return to the sources. With one hand I:Cube and...

The Big Crunch Theory – 1992

TBCT_cover 300px

1992 LP by The Big Crunch Theory BUY CD / BUY DIGITAL In physical cosmology, the Big Crunch is one possible scenario for the ultimate fate of the universe, in which the metric expansion of space eventually reverses and the universe recolapses, ultimately ending as a black hole singularity. The Big Crunch Theory is also...

Zombie Zombie Plays John Carpenter


Plays John Carpenter LP by Zombie Zombie “A tribute and a celebration of John Carpenter early music work, true to the source material yet without fear of expanding upon motifs and even slipping a little funk into proceedings… Zombie Zombie‘s Plays John Carpenter is a cracking little set that will appeal instantly to film...

I:Cube – Merovingienne EP


Merovingienne EP by I:Cube Less than 5 months after his latest EP, I:Cube is back to Versatile for a new EP, 3 tracks of “mental techno and creepy funk” as Versatile label boss Gilb’r (and Château Flight partner) describes it himself. It’s a very prolific period for the artist, who never disappoints, a productivity that forecast an LP...

The Big Crunch Theory – What To Say EP (incl Roman Fluegel & Dj Koze remixes)


What To Say EP by The Big Crunch Theory BUY VINYL / BUY DIGITAL Here’s the first single from a brand new project on Versatile : The Big Crunch Theory. A collaboration between Gilbert Cohen (aka Gilb’r) end the singer Lisa Li-Lund. They met during the recording of a 12″ for the label (Quixote...

I:Cube – Falling EP


Falling EP by I:Cube BUY VINYL / BUY DIGITAL VER066 – I:Cube – Falling EP 1 – Falling 2 – Un Dimanche Sans Fin 3 – Operation Hypnosis LISTEN & BUY THE EP

Joakim – Spiders EP (incl. Ewan Pearson & Principles Of Geometry remixes)


VER065 – Joakim – Spiders EP 1 – Spiders (Extended Dance Mix) 2 – Spiders (Acapella) 3 – Spiders (Ewan Pearson Remix) 4 – Ad Me (Principles of Geometry remix) LISTEN & BUY