Out now : Versatile 15 Ans – The Compilation (incl I:Cube & Etienne Jaumet unreleased tracks)

Versatile celebrates in 2011 its 15th anniversary. The record label founded by Gilbert Cohen aka Gilb’R quickly became one of the most endearing label in the French electro / indie scene. On this occasion, Versatile decides to release a 21 tracks compilation, which, like a teenager, contemplates the golden age of childhood, gets into present without any complex and into the future with confidence as evidenced by the unreleased tracks ’Satori‘ by Etienne Jaumet and I:Cube‘s ‘Lucifer En Discothèque‘.

BUY DIGITAL : 21 tracks compilation for 9,99 euros (0,99 per individual download)

LISTEN, BUY & READ : Versatile 15 Ans compilation – full tracklisting, more info on the release and buy links

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