Gilb’R mixes Tsugi Covermount CD + commented tracklisting & I:Cube new remix

October 5, 2010

Chateau Flight member and Versatile label bass Gilb’R is the guest of this month french mag Tsugi covermount mix CD. The mix, entitled Deep Throat, is good way to have an overview of the who’s who of contemporary dance music through the ears of the legendary Dj. Among other gems, the mix includes the long awaited I:Cube remix of the surprise hit of the summer “In My System” by The Gathering.


Etienne Jaumet – For Falling Asleep (C2 Sleepapella)
Discodeine feat Matias Aguayo – Singular
Bubble Club – Violet Morning Moon (Dr. Dunks remix)
Kenton Slash Demon – Sun
Dj Koze – Rue Burnout
The Gathering – In My System (I:Cube Late Night Dub)
Deetron – Sing
Mano Le Tough – Oblique (Chateau Flight remix)
Axel Boman – Brass Fanatic
I:Cube – Meroviengienne
Martyn – Miniluv
Skudge – Mirage
Gichy Dan’s Beachwood =/ 9 – Cowboys And Gangsters
John Cravache – Je Vous Autorise A Contempler
The Other People Place – Le Me Be Me

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