Download Bernadott – Versatile Records podcast – Mar 12

March 14, 2012

Bertrand Delanowave is half of French / Swede producing and editing output Bernadott. Here is what he has to say on “The Seed of You“, the podcast he’s just mixed for Versatile Records : “Two turntables, 23 vinyls, some struggling, a coupla odd choices, a little over an hour of tension combined with the narcotic mood of pressure, late night and stupid challenges. We trade in the relatively obscure, so don’t feel bad if you don’t recognize most tracks. You’ll find some Raincoats, Mario Basanov & Vidis, Studio, Grimes, Machinedrum, the Pale Saints, Army of God, weird Uk Hardcore, Baris K, Shangaan, italian pop, Subway, Falty DL, Osborne, Naked Ape, Mantronik, Danny Wang, Uwe Schidt, some new beat and all sorts of “leftfieldisms”.” Bernadott will release an edit vinyl in a very near future on Les Edits Du Golem

DOWNLOAD : Bernadott – Versatile Records podcast – Mar 12