Download Gilb’R Vice Podcast – Mar 14

March 21, 2014


“This mix has been recorded out of vinyl manipulations. It contains music from Cheval (Pépé Bradock+Jackson), experimentions by the GRM lab (France late 60’s) as well as some Charles Cohen. Some Japanese that sounds like Moodymann (No Milk), some old remix from Chateau Flight, some new stuff from Detroit’s Kyle Hall label (Jay Daniel), some German guys making music as Burundi’s percussionists (Tambien), some obscure Soul 7 inch from the UK and to finish, some proto-techno from France in the early 00’s (Fred Bigo). It’s uncut, raw, unperfect, a bit distorted at times. It’s live from my living room. Hope you will enjoy it.” Gilb’R

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