Introducing Jonathan Fitoussi and Clemens Hourriere

May 12, 2015


“I recently bought bathroom fixtures for my new home. I chose a faucet that has two separate hot and cold knobs instead of a single knob. The new designs, which have only one handle for both hot and cold, do not seduce me. The salesperson repeatedly referred to my taste as “retro”. The word kept coming up as I continued making choices that were not part of their current best-sellers. Am I really retro? No. I just like mixing “warm” water with two knobs instead of one. When wonderful designs appear and beautiful sounds are made, they become classics no matter how avant garde they are. The Buchla200 synthesiser or “Electric Music Box” is a perfect example. Analog in structure and sound, the Buchla200 is, without question, from the 20th century. 1970 to be exact. The sounds it makes, however, evoke the future. They’re both recognisable and unrecognisable. A future that I hope to see and hear. Warm. Subtle. Analog. This is how I hear these beautiful compositions from Jonathan Fitoussi and Clemens Hourrière. We can hear the artist’s digital experience, but we also hear their desire to go forward using analog’s warmth and subtlety. The result is the future. And it sounds great.” Jesse Hultberg

Jonathan Fitoussi and Clemens Hourriere debut album “Five Steps” is out soon in Versatile Records.

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VIDEO : Jonathan Fitoussi and Clemens Hourriere live @ New Morning, Paris – Dec 14 (part 1)

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