It’s official : I:Cube’s new album “M” Megamix will be released in April 2012

December 13, 2011

Gilb’R used his personal Twitter account yesterday night (@versatileok) to announce that the official release date of I:Cube new album “M” Megamix is set to April 2012. “M” Megamix, I:Cube first full lenght studio album since “3“‘ almost nine years ago in 2003, is presented as a dj set of exclusively unreleased material by the famed producer, showcasing his vision of twenty years of dance music. A series of vinyl EPs with unmixed tracks from the album will be released on a regular basis, starting with the current “Lucifer En Discotheque EP” already praised by the biggest names in contemporary dance music and currently riding the sales charts on Beatport.

Below is what I:Cube and Gilb’R have to say about the highly anticipated album :

“I spend a lot of time listening to music, I use samples (the very heart of my approach!), I put everything together and then I compose on synthesizers and machines. In short, I’m back to my old self. Now I know how to achieve what I want” I:Cube

“At last a new album, 8 years after the previous one… It will be out early 2012 and it’s simply mind blowing by its form (a dj mix of 20 original tracks) and by its content (effortlessly retracing 20 years of dance music). I:Cube is the living proof that you can reinvent yourself after 15 years of continously making music.” Gilb’R

LISTEN & BUY : I:Cube – Lucifer En Discotheque EP on Versatile