I:Cube announces “M” Megamix worldwide live tour

May 21, 2012

Now that I:Cube new album “M” Megamix is out in the wild, it’s time for the artist to hit the road and perform his brand new solo live performance in numerous parties and festivals around the world. The tour is currently a work in progress but you will find below the confirmed dates. For updated tour dates near you, check regularly the “upcoming shows” section of the Chateau Flight website.

I:Cube – “M” Megamix worldwide tour

25/05 : Mikser Festival, Belgrade (dj set)
27/05 : Villette Sonique Festival, Paris (live)
01/06 : Java, Paris (dj set)
02/06 : Panoramabar, Berlin (live)
15/06 : Contre Temps Festival, Strasbourg (dj set)
21/06 : Seconde Nature, Aix (live)
22/06 : Social Club, Paris (dj set)
24/06 : Goa, Madrid (live)
07/07 : Dancity Festival, Rome (Versatile Noize Troopers live)
08/07 : Calvi On The Rocks Festival, Calvi (live)
15/07 : Club Eleven, Tokyo (live)
28/07 : Rex Club, Paris (dj set)
11/08 : Humani Festival, Pescara (Chateau Flight live)
14/08 : Pont Du Gard, Montpellier (live)
23/08 : Overground Festival, Geneva (live)
31/08 : Australian tour (dj set)
01/09 : Australian tour (dj set)
07/09 : Australian tour (dj set)
08/09 : Australian tour (dj set)
21/09 : Panoramabar, Berlin (Chateau Flight dj set)
06/10 : Elektro System, Lyon (live)
10/11 : Robert Johnson, Frankfurt (live)

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