Music video : Acid Arab – Berberian Wedding

November 19, 2013


This is the vid of the first excerpt from the Acid Arab album, written and produced by the Acid Arab duo itself. Le Acid Arab LP os out now in France, out 2014 worldwide.

VIDEO : Acid Arab – Berberian Wedding

Directed by Halima Ouardiri & Louise Hémon. Starring Abdellah, Latifa, Mina, Khadija, Mohammed, Hassan, Sanaa, Fatim’Zohra, Oumeima, M’hend, Asmaa, Fadna, Maryam, Ikram, Naïma, Siham, Yassin, Imad, Adam, Taïeb, Jawad. Editing : Louise Hémon. Location manager : Mohammed Id Abbou. Colorist : Jean Thevenin. Catering : Chez Hassan with the precious help of Zeïna, Fadna, Maryam, Zineb, Khadija, S’fia. TANMIRT / CHOUKRANE / THANKS TO IMSOUANE FAMILIES : ID ABBOU, ICHIKI, BEJERCH, OUCHEN, AZEMZA, MEZZIANE, OUAGA. A special thanks to Momo’s surf shop :