Out now on vinyl : Bufiman – Running EP – praised by Soul Clap, Ivan Smagghe, Ripperton, Optimo, Catz’n’Dogz…

October 23, 2014


‘ooooh and you KNOOOOW The Clap will be supporting this thang! Versatile is on FIRE with this EP’ Soul Clap

‘have been playing RUNNING for a long while. great track, great guy, great everything’ Ivan Smagghe

‘Whilst I recognise the strengths of “Running” and predict it will be very popular track, “Bonobeat” remains my first favourite. love, love, love, love…’ Optimo

‘Running is a MONSTER! Woo can wait to drop that this weekend!’ Ripperton

VER095 : Bufiman – Running EP

1 – Running (The Chase)
2 – Kalvier
3 – Bonobeat

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