Loud E – Versatile Records podcast – Oct 09

October 1, 2009

” I was about to go on summer holidays,and was feedding my pod with mixes for the car and,as often,I:Cube hooked me up with some soul food: a link with loads of mixes of Loud E,a dj from Rotterdam active in the CBS crew… I took one,great,i took two,wicked,so i took around 25 of them.This guy made my hollidays,everyone in the car was bouncing! Music wise,he goes all around, funk, disco, cosmic, italo… most of the tunes, i never heard of.The other thing which also killed me,was his dj skills.The mixes were just perfect,on tune,with a perfect balance of hapiness and moodyness, weirdness and cheesyness. Rard is what we call a digger,a species for whom a i have the higher respect.When everything is accesible in one click, for us lazy farts ,there is some unsung heroes, who spend hours in dusty places, looking for the most obscure music… There is B-moovies, there is B-music. A can’t exist without B. B feeds the A. A gots all the credit,but it got all the ideas from B. As an example,we once met our friend Top secret(another great french dj,which also prepare a mix for the blog) in Bruxelles…in a record shop,and i remember him showing the soundtrack of a movie called “Le grand Pardon”(a classic b-movie from the 80′s) and told me there was a hot track in this record….the last record i would have tought of! So for you you Versatile listener,here it is,a mix specially done for the blog…” Gilb’R

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