Ark – Street House EP (incl Pit Spector remix)

April 3, 2013


We’ve been waiting  a release on Versatile  from our long time friend Ark. It’s now done with this “Street House EP“, an ode to B-Boy house. Emba Anthem, with its samples from a cult west coast 90’s hip hop band, and the bewitching Nuark, which mixes deepness, sensuality and odd funky groove, but inna Ark unique fashion. Big shout outs Paris kids!


VER082 : Ark – Street House EP

1 – Emba Anthem
2 – Emba Anthem (Pit Spector remix)
3 – Nuark
4 – Nuark (Dub mix)

Out on vinyl April 24th 2013.



lovely dub mix Carl Craig – super . merci beaucoup :) Raresh – Dankeschön Dixon – TRANKILOU à l’ancienne, mortel, je le fous dans ma playlist Tsugi Busy P – missed ark. love it! Optimo – FANTASTIC RECORD, will play and support, love the original Catz N Dogz – ultra good! remix Pete Herbert – Excellent as always. Special mention goes to Pit Spector and Nuark. Thanks so much Brett Johnson – Yes! Tim Sweeney – nice one for the remix Jesse Rose – Great Paul Mogg – Looooveb that — this is a big groover  Laurent Garnier – ARK Yeah! Melon – ace ep Will Saul – Nice Job Guys!!!Ark Damn!!! Doc Martin – emba anthem = dope Ghetto house Joakim – superb ep. each track rocking hard! me like me supporting Alex Attias – super ep, full support! Pilooski – Monstrously good release from one of the best labels ever .. utterly superb! Danny Howells – Ok ok ok ok: LA BOMBA! Emba anthem c’est de le “renegade master 2013” Merci pour ce bon maxi, j’aime tout les mixes! Ripperton – Loving the sound of Nuark! Great deep vibe with plenty of bump and grit. Jimpster – Thanks for the good music! Supa Like Ralf Kollmann – sounds like crackhouse (it s a style) on keta (it s a drug) Romain BNO – Hard to pick a favorite! 5/5 – Yeah, this is dope fo sho! Diggin´all da cutz in this! Kiki – Strong EP! loving all the tracks…big support Le Loup – DOPE !! Dirty Sound System – quelle bombe !!! Jef K – JUST FUCKIN BOMBBBBBBBBB MA BICHEEEEE  Terence – Pit Spector Remix is bloody attractive ! Tim Paris – il a pris cher le poppa large Dj Feadz – very exciting tracks in here! i like the emba anthem and nuark tracks the best! will play on my radio show Morpheus – Wow, Ark très très en forme. Ce EP est une tuerie. Marco Dos Santos – Sick! Full of street vibes! I love it Nick Chacona – Coool, ca fait plaisir d’écouter du Keuhar! Super EP Krikor – nice! Shaun Reeves – Nuark for me! Nice Arnaud Le Texier – interesting and original, mental in a funky way! like it :-) Gerardo Niva – dub mix for me!  Jackmate – Fat les gars, merci :) Will play !!! Dj Crabbe – Great! Bringing back fun & funk into the house! Amir Egozy – Another great ep from Ark the rmx from Pit spector is also very cool will play Alex Murak – Nuark dub is amazing love that shit ! Master H – Wicked tracks from Ark – Emba Anthem is sick ! Hungry for more !! Llorca – Wild shit; fantastic! Velanche – Super ! MERCI ! Jennifer Cardini – Wow what a belter of a release from Versatile some serious damage on here loving BBoy House a lot for me the Nuark Dub just pips it awesome stuff Neil Thorton – Back to the Old School!!! Luluxpo – Nuark style! Great b-boy style grooves, big respect to the late Gil Scott Heron!! Alex From Tokyo – Great Ep Chris Carrier – nuark is great! full upport from me ! Sebo K – I love it how you guys do not care about trends and all that! RESPECT! Trickski – Some out of it treatments of Kool Keith… I bet he’d be proud Recloose – Ark in full effect! Great to hear new stuff from him, this EP doesn’t disappoint. My choices are “Emba Anthem” and “Nuark (Dub)” Willie Graff – Amazing release Mutlu – Very interesting release. Different! Dairmount – Dark and highly energetic, this is the shit. Definitely one to hit the floor at Mona ! Ultramagnetics & Ark forever ! Nick V – Both Nuark and the Pit Spector mix of Emba are aces Ewan Pearson – phew – hot! Justin Harris – Supa cool atmosphere into Emba Anthem (original) ! Love it ! Fabrice Lig – Will play Emba Anthem the original and the remix !! Good work, thanks !! Melle Caro – Dope release. Loving the Pit Spector Mix especially… but all good…. BASS MF! Silicone Soul – yes, finally back on track. huge fan since years. great follow up release here Robert Dietz – Very hard to pick one as they are all great Amazing EP The Glimmers – ARK IS BACK!!! ALL TRACKS ARE GREAT, I’LL PLAY THEM ALL! Max Pask – you know what Gilbert? ages ago in he 90s you played a legendary set at my clubnight here in Frankfurt, from HipHop to House to Broken to House and back again. Outstanding. Sometimes i listen back to the recording on DAT – – – Now, like 100 years later, here its melted into one. Poppa Large meets Ark. Big Room Banger. And you are still releasing quality music. Very much into Nuark here ! Respect and a bottle of red on this! Michael Ruetten – Funkiness and deepness but allways nervous, great job. Review in may Tsugi Mag (France) – considering for review 4/5 De:Bug (Germany) – solid stuff Radio FM4 (Austria) – Quel feeling! Toujours aussi ciselé et imparable. Ark is Back!  Nu Sounds Webzine (France) – Dark and powerfull… :) House Sound of Hamburg (Germany) – great production Magazine Sixty (UK) – Great to have him back! Deep, woozy business here Philipp Sherburne (RA / Pitchfork) – Nuwark dub’s the one Beg To Differ (UK) – Enfin le grand retour d’Ark aux affaires Radio Campus Toulouse – Guillaume’s still a great French producer, we must be proud of it! Full support, like I did since more than 15 years Radio FG (France) – Played by Richie Hawtin, Magda, M.A.N.D.Y., Sven Vaeth.

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