Cottam – Breaking Through The Pain Barrier EP

November 23, 2015



Paul Cottam was diagnosed with Encephalomyelitis disseminata, or multiple sclerosis, just as his first records were released in 2009. The symptoms can come and go, one day you can feel OK and the next day a relapse can floor you. The last 2 or 3 years the relapses have become more frequent and aggressive. Both these tracks were written in the depths of a relapse; constant severe pain, couldn’t walk or even stand for long enough to play some records. He was housebound, and cabin fever was setting in. So he sat at his computer and let the way he felt influence the music. The A side ‘Breaking through the pain barrier’ is the soundtrack to a late night chemist run, with a deep brooding bass and a tension that builds like your mind working against the disease. The B side ‘Encephalomyelitis disseminata’ has warm bass and a lively percussion groove twinned with a killer acid line and mournful strings. These tracks helped Paul through the worst of times, kept his mind off the pain and focused on something, and thankfully something positive came out of it.

VER106 : Cottam – Breaking Through The Pain Barrier EP

01 – Breaking Through The Pain Barrier
02 – Encephalomyelitis Disseminata

Out vinyl January 16th 2016, out digital February 19th



Breaking Through The Pain Barrier is another excellent Cottam record Resident Advisor
Future classic Axel Boman
record is FIRE!! Argy
Fantastic ! The Mole
I really like track 1 and I will play it for sure Dorian Paic
Full support Paul! Great production ! And.Id
another killer versatile record…unstoppable lately ;) breaking through the pain barrier is simply amazing Sandrino
Dope! love both tracks… A side pips it though! Matthew Styles
great ! loving it like usual dOP
Both sound great, esp. “Breaking through..” – can’t wait to play it in the club Amir Egozy
Really brilliant EP, already know the B side well – will be playing both sides for sure a lot Silicone Soul
will play for sure!! Roland Appel
Great great release! Drumpoet Community
Great EP, a dreamy journey from Paul and I love it. Nice work :) Jacques Renault

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