I:Cube – In Alpha EP

May 24, 2012

Following the Lucifer En discotheque EP and, of course, the super hot “M” Megamix album, I:Cube delivers a new EP including longer dj friendly 12 inch versions of “Y.O.U.R.O.C.K“, “Popular Electronics” and “In Alpha“, all taken from his new album. Expect some more cubismatic brillance !


VER077 : I:Cube – In Alpha EP

1 – Y.O.U.R.O.C.K
2 – Popular Electronics
3 – In Alpha

Out on vinyl June 12th 2012, out Beatport June 18th, out all digital July 2nd



In Alpha EP Top 8 House vinyl sales on Decks

Popular Electronics Top 7 Electronical sales on Beatport

In Alpha Top 18 Indie Dance sales on Beatport

Y.O.U.R.O.C.K Top 33 Tech House sales on Beatport


In Alpha is everywhere i wanna be… 80’s vibe check, now roll credits Soul Clap – have it – love it! Ame – Prime soul-drenched psychedelic dance music. Akways love Nicolas’ work Paul Woolford – fantastic as always! thanks for the binaries, looking out for a real copy in the shops ;) Prins Thomas – great!!!!! Mathias Kadan – ah thats great finally to get longer versions.. super album Franck Roger – In Alpha is heat… Recloose – love it ! will play this a lot !! Sebo K – Beautiful!!!!! Kasper – popular electronics for me here….i like the raw sound Martin Landsky – wow I Cube is so on fire Luke Solomon – Fuck yeah, so happy there are full-length versions of these now. Brilliant Philip Sherburne – like in alpha Lee Foss – A man on fire ! ‘M’ is just superb, here we have another great EP All tracks playable – merci Chris Dukenfield – ICUBE ROCKS!!!!!! Matt Walsh – LOVE I:CUBE LOVE VERSATILE !!! full support Catz N Dogz – I:Cube rocks, Versatile rocks. As Usual. Mickail – Nice songs! Will play loud! Philip Straub – I am sooo excited to hear the new album. always been and always will be a fan of the cube, the bert and the flight! Yourock and in alpha are totally down my alley. love them a lot thx boys! Trickski – I:CUBE been killing it lately.. this is NOICE!!! Eric Duncan – Love YOUROCK & In Alpha (the basseline !!!!!) Excellent ! Fabrice Lig – you rock is great! Sasa – One of the best single of this year, after one of the best album. I like all 3, hopefully he did extended versions for the rest of the album! Cosmo Vitelli – all are nice, dark and moody! in alpha is my fave, nice work! Brett Johnson – Killer Killer Killer!!! When i heard the “M” megamix the first thing i though was: i hope you guys release the singles…And here its the first! Super tracks from I:Cube as always.Will play with lots of love Willie Graff – I like many all tracks but my favorite is in alpha! Thank you very much! full support Hanfry Martinez – Oh yeahhhh! Sooooo good. Thank you I:Cube Ralf Kollmann – all A M A Z I N G Trevor Jackson – so happy to have these in longer versions JD Twitch – Yeah! Gerd Janson – This ROCKS!!!!!!! Great Job Fellas Tyree Cooper – cool ep Raresh – Brilliant Max Pask – Most certainly down with “Y.O.U.R.O.C.K.” Right up my alley way … will play and play Qburns Abstract Message – Good to hear i:Cube back in form; good tracks Velanche – Full support Kolombo – thx!! Mule Musiq – putain c’est fantastique … j’ai planté une tente devant la scène de la villette en prévision du live de ce week end. tous les joueurs de djembés du parc sont prévenus, ça va être énorme Dirty Sound System – Brillant Master H – oh yes! this is what i was waiting for! LOVE . Voitek Catz’ n Dogz – this is lovely Krikor – thanks !!! Melle Caro – One of the best records I’ve heard. In alpha est céleste Compuphonic – Aaah Yes!!! i have been waiting for this to hit my inbox!! so good! my summer tunes :) Dirt Crew – Brilliant as always! Yourock for me. great Jimpster – excellent work this is a really good EP indeed … perfect for my masters & servants party this saturday Nick V – as always very very good. like the artwork too Tom Bioly – what can i say ? 6 outta 5… thx !!! Mugwump – Yourock is ace! will spin Tiger Stripes – I Cube Y.O.U. R.O.C.K. Doc Martin – I:Cube is the master Will Saul – I’m such a fan of Nicolas. Always a blast… Dairmount – a refreshing change as always ! Ralph Lawson – In Alpha & Y.O.U.R.O.C.K are really great! Mike Burns – dopedopedope Jori Hulkkonen – vibey! perfect for my fashion shows Jerry Bouthier – really like YOUROCK, but in Alpha is my favourite. merci beaucoup Olaf Boswijk – Loving the Megamix CD and this is (again) a great release Andreas Baumecker – Back in full effect. Once you have the groove, you never lose it… quite varied output Chico D Edge – this is SICK. love the vibe on this EP. definitely something that i’m gonna play. congrats Brodinski – I:Cube Y.O.U.R.O.C.K !!! Simon Says – Le Cube au top encore une fois Joakim – “et à la technique, c’est Nico” Pilooski – Lovin all the tracks here. Brilliant EP. ICube for president Llorca – very Icubish :) yourock is pretty cool, will play this one Marcin Czubala – SUPER QUALITY TRACKS,FROM ONE OF THE BEST FRENCH PRODUCERS Terrence – maxi de dingue,dans mon fly case pour tout l ete………comme d hab i cube c est la grande claque,big support Grego G – This EP totally rocks! Impressive. Y.O.U.R.O.C.K the the bomb Satoshi Tomiie – Great! Loving the album Tim Sweeney – Quality like always from I:Cube. Would’ve been glad for an even longer version of In Alpha :) Amir Ergozy – Loove “In Alpha” ! Sounds like 1987 Power-Pop !! ;-) Ian Pooley – a really nice e.p…(as usual)….will play club and radio Charles Webster – great !! , glad to have 12 inch version ,make the choice more easy – by the way The M’ is dope ! Dj Feadz – great ep as always with nico, full support & love to to the versatile family Hardrock Striker – Ca swing babe!!! Arnaud Le Texier – love all tracks ! marcus worgull – What an amazing record! Love the tension & vibe of Y.O.U.R.O.C.K. , Popular Electronics has the freak & In Alpha is summertime bliss…  Silicone Soul – super cool!!! Javier Carballo – aime beaucoup Romain BNO – Amazing stuff Sei A – Versatile in every of the word – strong EP Trus’Me – A master and he will always be. You can’t say if this is the future or retro…it’s just so now Alex Barck – WOW I feel I should have made YOU ROCK! this is sick. POP electronics is some super classic versatile stylee and I am gonna have break out some old u star tunes to rock with it.In Alpha is gonna get so much play this summer it’s not even funny! This release is super dope and can’t wait for the vinyl Nick Chacona – great ep. very versatile! James Flavour – you rock really ROCKS, I really like the unique touch I:cube knows to give to modern disco. Will play it for sure. In Alpha has a very nice electro-pop-80’s touch Kiko Navarro – Yeah ! I’m loving all 3 tracks here !! Tim Paris – Great release as always. Very intense Rob Mello – YOUROCK definetely Rocks D’julz – fantastic! Kiki – I think it’s the best thing I heard so far this year. I love this shit.. Ron Shiller – super! Superpitcher – Y.O.U.R.O.C.K’s the one for me My Cousin Roy – great job! Renato Ratier – Popular Electronics rules Jackmate –  i like all 3 three tracks in here, excellent stuff indeed! will play on my radio show and out Morpheus – J’adore! The Cube strkes AGAIN!! Alex From Tokyo – Amazing EP! Full support from Cielo NYC Nicolas Matar – you rock! Melon – great experimental tunes Ingo Boss – PERFECT ! Jennifer Cardini – Loving Alpha. Great atmosphere in all track as expected from the Cube Basic Soul Unit – solid tools radio fm4 / vienna – In Alpha was obviously one of my favorite tracks from “M” Megamix. I:Cube for president! – Stereotree – Nu Sounds Webzine – amazing album, amazing ep review in july issue Groove Mag Germany – YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS Tsugi Mag France – Brilliant EP! Love the album so was very happy to get this beauty! I Cube is a genius Dj Mag UK – Welcome full versions. Three highlights from an excellent album Resident Advisor – WOW ! reviewing for Magazine Sixty Sixty Mag – Great stuff. “In Alpha” is a beauty De:Bug Mag – Played by MANDY, Richie Hawtin, Damian Lazarus, Magda, Matthew Dear, Sven Vaeth