I:Cube – Lucifer En Discotheque EP

November 16, 2011


In a recent interview, I:Cube mentioned how difficult it is to finish an album. He finally triumphed over the chimera and delivered a new EP – Lucifer en Discothèque – as a prelude to his forthcoming album “M” Megamix (he must have fought the chimera for real!). After 15 years almost constantly producing, how can any artist possibly avoid the pitfall of repetition while re-inventing his style? Cube delivers a masterly answer ! As its name implies, Transpiration (“perspiration” in English) is sure to make dance floors sweat around the globe. What’s fascinating with these new tracks, especially Transpiration, is the way he manages to reconcile the old with the new, his 15-year heritage of production with all the recent technological developments. This track reveals various influences, for instance Todd Terry, Godfather of the 90’s NY House, as well as Sheffield rave parties of the same era yet revisited without an ounce of pomposity. Jah Menta sums up everything that makes I:Cube’s style – a menta(l) vibe and a down-to-earth beat – with mesmerizing softness… It seems like Cube really met Lucifer after all ! From the realm of Beelzebub, he brought back, “Lucifer En Discotheque”, a track that starts like a trance records and based on heavy and powerful beat mingled with synth parts seeming to weave concentric circles between Hell and reality…

VER076 : I:Cube – Lucifer En Discothèque EP

1 – Transpiration
2 – Jah Menta
3 – Lucifer En Discothèque

Out on digital December 5th 2011. Out on vinyl December 14th.



J’ai tout cassé avec cette bombe ce week end Laurent Garnier – Transpiration sounds dope, love versatile, full support Jamie Jones – amazing ep all around Seth Troxler – I:Cube is ALWAYS worth a shot in our books. So happy to hear new material from the master! Soul Clap – wow,….transpiration is awesome ! disco energia !!! love it Radio Slave – Simply amazing music ! as always :) Dirt Crew – yeah! transpiration is crazy love it! jah menta also very nice Melon – Breathtaking EP! Gerd Janson – Ouaaaaaa j’adore! bravo superbe disque! pas de titre préféré j’aime tout à égalité Krikor – Fucking hell, “Transpiration” is massive. Amazing. (Also, is that a Chimo Bayo sample in there?!) “Jah Menta” is also great — a moody, versatile (no pun intended) cut that I look forward to mixing with Philip Sherburne – Three absolutely diverse and blasting tracks. “Transpiration” reminds old school house mixed with krautrock: absolutely brillant Patrice Bardot (Tsugi Mag editor) – Hooray for I:Cube… he never fails to impress me Michael Mayer – When I see I:cube new ep I’m always really exited to hear it. he was and still is one of the best producers ever. voitek catz ‘n dogz – BOMBA Le Loup – great release thanks Tiefschwarz – the true innovators is back!! Amazing music from my favorite electronic music producer Will Saul – top ep … full support Alain Ho aka dj yellow – Lucifer En Discothèque is totally insane. Bravo bravo bravo Marco Dos Santos – Always a pleasure listening to I:Cubes productions. Always interesting stuff. On this release Jah Menta is my fave Tiger Stripes – GREAT!!! NICE WORK!! Eric Duncan – TOP TOP ;; I CUBE FOR PRESIDENT PLEASE ! Frank Roger – Loving all the tracks on this EP, “Transpiration” for sweaty hours, “Jah Menta” for after hours. Brilliant sound on this release Andreas Baumecker (Ostgut) – Superb! Another great Ep from one of my favorite artists…. “Transpiration” bangs it in all the right places. “Jah Menta” is simply a beautiful trip. I look forward to the album. Much love, Willie Graff – difficult to not love these tunes ! great nicolas ! marcus worgull – loving this disco beat and the mad rave stabs … definitely something for mona at 4 am Nick V – great ep, especially transpiration. huge! JD Twitch – Une pure bombe simplement Ripperton – I-Cube, boucher! la classe, comme d’hab Pilooski – love it! i cube yeah! James Flavor – top quality as usual Alex Attias – J’aime beaucoup ce disque ! Surtout Jah Menta, merci ! Mikhail – I Cube never disappoints! Basic Soul Unit – 666 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fabrice Lig – Transpiration is really niiicceeee! big fan of I:Cube Marcin Czubala – Love ‘Transpiration’ and ‘Lucifer’ – both superb Ewan Pearson – I CUBE IS THE BEST ! LOVE ALL TRACKS hardrock striker –  Great! roman flügel – “transpiration” is great ! love the mix between rave & disco ! full support ! The Hacker – great ! Dj Feadz – really nice way of Transpiration !:) Anja Schneider – have been waiting for this one for a while. can’t remember a track by nicholas that has ever disappointed me. again this EP is a triple blow, will play all!  Olaf (Trouw) – one of my favorite artists, has been for years. he can do any style and always delivers. this time he has even made dub techno sound interesting. stunning! Matt Walsh – The diverse skills of I:Cube… Will play Jah Menta out John Wink – track du mois pour moi Cosmo Vitelli – TRANSPIRATION I LOVE !!! Zdar – I will play Transpiration in my DiskoBiskuits parties. It´s a great work Hal9000 (Excuse Me Valencia) – “Transpiration” is a beast of a track. The rest is ace too. Versatile indeed! Sven von Thülen (De:Bug) – I cube in da house, trasnpiration in da box D’julz – top stuff in here!!! love it to bitz…. bonkers traxx just like i dig! Morpheus – C’est bien bon tout ca, et en plus on TRANSPIRE! Happy 15eme anniversaire!! Love you guys!!! Alex From Tokyo – great tracks will play jah menta Makossa – Transipration & Jah Menta indeed amazing procuction here will play and support! Sounds FAT! Master H – I:Cube? Il blague pas… Awwww yeaaaaaah Greg Oreck (Thugfucker / Life & Death) – full support on transpiration Dj Hell – amazing record. fantastic stuff as always. play for sure Ron Shiller (Soultourist/Drumpoet) – baaaadass biz from i-cube geoffroy mugwump – Transpiration has a great mix of styles, pure disco beats with oldschool house stabs and the unique abit experimental arrangements from ICube, a sure winner which im going to play. Jah Menta gets deeper with a very interesting atmosphere, good for warming the best clubs Kiko Navarro – “transpiration” is excellent! full support from me! Kiki – Wow Oliver (Robert Johnson) – roquettes Romain BNO – fan… always ! Jennifer Cardini – WOW! this is the BOMB! i love the vibe congats! Brodinski – Come on guys … I LOVE THAT! Ame Frank – Jah Menta is the one for me – Tim Sweeney – woooooooooow Ivan Smagghe – transpiration is an anthem, i can see sweat dripping off the wall already! jah menta is also nice Steve Bug – like this! Shit Robot – great release ! full support from me Sebo K – BOMB! Konrad Black – wowowow Clement Meyer – 10 STARS Matthew Dear –  B R I L L I A N T ! Trevor Jackson jah menta is great… Martin Landski – FIRE! Big supprt from HIT IT & QUIT IT radio Recloose – Played by Dixon, M.A.N.D.Y., James Holden – Review in De:Bug, Tsugi, Groove, Sixty Mag