Richard Pinhas / Etienne Jaumet – Vents Solaires EP

December 4, 2013


“An epic odyssey, a space travel, orchestrated in two part by 70’s French electronic underground legend Richard Pinhas and his spiritual son Etienne Jaumet, who’s dream to record with one of his heroes has finally come true. The two met at a series of concerts given last year and they had the luminous idea to record their impros while rehearsing. The result, this “Vents Solaires” (Solar Winds in French), has naturally imposed itself to me as something essential to be released on Versatile. The crushing noise of Pinhas’s guitars meets the magnetism of Etienne’s rhythms. The structures are hypnotic, sometimes the guitars take over, but Etienne always comes back around. The collusion is obvious, the magic is happening. We slowly enter the music, then the psychedelic vortex is operating, and time stretches. The listening touches to a sonic experience put in space brilliantly by Nicolas Chaix aka I:Cube, who we entrusted with the mixing of these tracks. The maxi is in a way the encouter of the 3 masters of abstract… all in their own domain” Gilb’R


VER087 : Richard Pinhas / Etienne Jaumet – Vents Solaires EP

A – Vents Solaires (part 1)
B – Vents Solaires (part 2)

Enregistré par Richard Pinhas au studio Ramses à Paris en Décembre 2011. Mixé par I:Cube au Studio VictorParis, en Mars 2013.

Out on vinyl December 9th 2013.



“That record is fantastic !” James Holden

“This record is really something, a special one indeed. Two true oddballs putting it out there and Nick’s done a great job on the mix. Thanks for this.” Jonnie Wilkes (Optimo)

“intense, no-nonsense music. future classic.” Vladimir Ivokivic (Le Salon des Amateurs / Desolat)

“WOW. That B-side track is insane — like Flying Saucer Attack turned into space disco.” Phil Sherburne

Vents Solaires is Dance Track of the week in Spin Magazine

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