The Maghreban – The Maghreban EP

November 3, 2014



“The Maghreban. I saw this name for the first time when Ayman sent me Afric, out on his own label Zoot. I really got into this raw, percussion heavy stuff. Asked him some new track for Versatile and here’s the result : Smack, with his “rave vs Chicago” vibe, and two deeper jams. More to come…” Gilb’R

VER096 : The Maghreban – The Maghreban EP

1 – Smack
2 – Smack Beats
3 – Hit Parade
4 – Heita !

Out on November 4th 2014



“Je surkiff les heavy psychedelic house grooves de Maghreban depuis un bon moment– Encore une grosse bombe de la mort qui tue … Merci Monsieur Gilb’r de sortir cette tuerie” Laurent Garnier
“super imaginative” Carl Craig
“Hit Parade makes me wanna lose my mindddddd …..” Soul Clap
“Yes!” Ame
“yes. smack beat!!!!” Ivan Smagghe
“great release ! full support from me!” Sebo K
“Great stuff. Thanks Gilb’r!” Tim Sweeney
“H E A V Y : – D T H A N X” Trevor Jackson
“Another bombasss .. . Hit Parade is the one for me, even if Heita is dope toooo.. Stafallahhhhhh Maghreban poupiya” Franck Roger
“really glad you’ve picked up on him. his music is nuts and so original. great ep!” Optimo
“top stuff” Tensnake
“Wow!!!! Hit Parade is the sheeeat!!! Will def play that Jewel! Merci!” Trickski
“baby wants to ride a camel” Busy P
“The whole EP is a burner!” Drumpoet Community
“so bonkers – but so good” Luke Solomon
“Great record, diggin’ all tracks!” And.Id
“smack !” Permanent Vacation
barré / dément !” Dirty Soundsystem
“hit parade est coooool” Tsugi Mag
“Excellent! I’m a big fan of those Zoot releases, and this is also killer. Loving “Hit Parade” and “Heita” especially” Philip Sherburne
“Heavyness! Some bad boy grooves here but I’m especially loving the deep tracky vibe on Heita. def going to be banging this one for some time” Jimpster
“ACE” Radio One
“i love ‘hit parade’ and ‘heat'” Charles Webster
“Maghreb’s finest, it’s a hit!” Pilooski
“brilliant EP all the way ! bomb bomb bomb” Tim Paris
“mortel ! ca !! support” Jef K
“this is amazing” Jackmaster
“Heita for me, thanks!” Ripperton
“Heita is V nice” Sei A
“R A W …” Mugwump

Played by Richie Hawtin, Damian Lazarus