Various Artists – Acid Arab Collections EP03

January 6, 2015



Wild is the hashtag for the third EP in the Acid Arab Collections series. Wild, because where can you step when the dancing area has been electrocuted by the essence of Eastern and Arabic music? Keywords: intense freedom and instant trance. Once more, Parisian band Acid Arab and Versatile label have invited other musicians to share the experience of letting this timeless cultural fluid flow into the coldness of occidental electronic savoir-faire. Since Collections’ EP01 was released more than a year ago, it seemed fair that the music would evolve to a next level. What happened took everybody by surprise: producers jumped into vehemence !  Acid Arab’s own track ‘Zhar‘ is an outrageous race, based on an epic merged rhythm the machine beats. Acid Arab keyboardist and producer Pierrot Casanova delivers an uncanny solo that moves body from mind to feet. Gilb’R recorded in Versatile’s studio more percussion from Shadi Khries, as well as his voice, plus the frantic saxophones of Etienne Jaumet. He then proceeded to create the soundtrack of being a living drone in wasteland, flying from near the sun to a dry and mysterious sand. The song is haunted by an old jordan poem that adds even more deepness to this timeless piece. Mysterious french duet Society Of Silence, whose live acts stunned anyone who luckily witnessed them, has been on Acid Arab’s wishlist for a while and already released 2 EP’s on Versatile. Worth waiting ‘Baghdad’ is furious, inventive and harsh on the dancers. Mean acid line, possessed beatings and creepy voices come together on an in-your-face style that smells of danger and excitement. Berlin artists An-I and Hugo Capablanca have also chose the path of wrath on ‘Farsi Farce‘. With a few Iranian words and a lot of keyboards, a punk beat and a ravy bass, they succeed in establishing a fine line between Middle East nightclubs and Flemish warehouses. If it makes you feel like being in the middle of a fight, that’s probably good.

VER098 : Acid Arab Collections EP03

1 – Acid Arab – Zhar
2 – Gilb’R – Beesan Rum – A Song For Anna
3 – Society Of Silence -Baghdad
4 – An-i & Capablanca – Farsi Farce

Out on vinyl January 19th 2015, digital on February 9th 2015



DOPE REcord ! Locodice
more killer cuts from Acid Arab. Loving all tracks. “Baghdad” is my fav! Rolando
An-! and Hugo Capa – Farsi Farce – Holy Shit! Optimo
Wow – a song for Anna is so beautiful. Amazing. Really like Zhar too Ewan Pearson
YEAHHHHHH ! Jennifer Cardini
Allah Akbar ! Ivan Smagghe
amazing again!!! Tiefschwarz
Always happy to get some more Acid Arab Tim Sweeney
one of the freshest things released over the last 12 months cannot get enough of this series Neil Thornton
Love Tim Schumacher
Fantastic Drumpoet Community
far out shit Jerry Bouthier
Love this series ! Madness ! Silicone Soul
Le An-I & Capablanca est super violent. J’adore Cosmo Vitelli

Played by Richie Hawtin, Ame, Dixon, Daniel Stefanik, Munk, Marco Carola, Erol Alkan

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